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Pandora Pink Poetic Droplet Ring 190982PCZ



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PANDORA Pink Poetic Droplet Ring with Cubic Zirconia 190982PCZ

This stunning Ring with Cubic Zirconia has an unusual buff top-cut stone that lends an intriguing visual effect to this stylish ring. Reminiscent of a glistening water droplet, its impressive sheen adds an extra dimension to this minimalist design.

The new buff top cut features a Cubic Zirconia with a smooth domed top, but below the surface it has chequerboard-cut facets. This cut brings a high amount of lustre and brilliance to the Ring, drawing in light and creating a dazzling optical display that lends an intriguing effect to the Poetic Droplet Rings series.

This Ring is made from Sterling Silver with a bezel-set Pink Cubic Zirconia and is part of PANDORA'S 'A Sense of Spring' Spring 2017 collection.

Droplets of dew fall gracefully onto petals filled with vibrant colour, magnifying life and reawakening the world as unforgettable moments unfold. 

Show your love with PANDORA or create and combine and tell your own story creating your personal design with your choice of combimation of stacking rings. Tell the tale of timeless elegance with treasures that sparkle with sweet sentiment. For an extra twist, add another Droplet Ring in a contrasting colour and size.

Choose your jewellery to represent your life's Unforgettable Moments and make your moments last forever.

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