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Pandora Silver Heart Ring with Pink Sapphire 190896SLP



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Silver Heart Ring with Pink Sapphire 190896SLP

This Sterling Silver Heart Ring has a Heart Shaped  man-made Sapphire with a subtle Rose Pink colour which is linked to tender loving feelings. The man-made Sapphire is set within a Silver Heart on a beaded Sterling Silver band. This stunning ring is part of the New Valentine's 2017 collection.

The new faceted heart-shaped stones and beaded details make the rings a cute and symbolic gift for your Valentine. Stack multiple rings together and create your own sweet and colourful design - mix and match with other faceted heart jewellery for a stylish set.

Valentine’s Day has become the theme of many legends. Although the day is dedicated to St. Valentine, the patron saint of lovers, the day we celebrate today has remnants of both Christian and ancient Roman traditions.
Valentine´s Day is an occasion to show how much you cherish your special someone. The ancient tradition of sending love notes and tokens of affections on Valentine’s Day has inspired a beautiful selection of symbolic jewellery pieces. This year PANDORA's new collection brings to light the tradition of sending heartfelt messages of love through a series of beautiful and symbolic jewellery pieces.

A time for love and romance. Written from the heart. A celebration of love, passion and desire.

Create and combine and tell your own story. Your story, Your bracelet, Your design.

Choose your Pandora charms to represent your life's Unforgettable Moments and wear your bracelet as a collection of wonderful family Christmas memories, make your moments last forever.

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